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TransLogistica Caspian - Caspian Shipping Company waits for first ship from Baku Shipyard LLC in late 2015
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Caspian Shipping Company waits for first ship from Baku Shipyard LLC in late 2015


Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (AXDG) expects to get the first of the three passenger vessels being built currently at the Baku shipbuilding & repair plant (Baku Shipyard LLC) until the end of 2015.

The Company informs that the launch of the two remaining vessels is scheduled for 2016. Each vessel has a capacity of 80 passengers, and will also be able to take on board up to 10 tons of various cargoes.

"Hulls of the vessels are made of steel and topsides of aluminium. The use of lightweight materials and installation of two main engines each with capacity of 1,895 kWt will allow passenger vessels to pick up speed of around 40 km an hour. That is by two times more than the AXDG existing marine vessels," the Company underlined.

The vessels can be used for delivery of oil workers and cargo to offshore platforms. The construction costs of each of these vessels are estimated at 8-8.5 million manat.

The vessels will be able to sail at distance of up to 100 miles from the shore.

The length of each vessel will be 38.22 m, width 8.20 m, hull height 4.30 m, and draft 2.25 m. Earlier it was reported that these vessels are intended for service of oilfields Gunashli, Chirag, Azeri, Bulla, Pirallahi, West Absheron, Chilov.