16th Caspian International Transport, Transit and Logistics Exhibition

26 - 28 April 2017 • Baku Expo Center

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16th Caspian International Transport, Transit and Logistics Exhibition

The TransCaspian exhibition is one of the leading transportation events in the Caspian region, which brings together key public transport bodies and commercial organizations from the rail and commercial vehicle sectors, the maritime industry, aviation and transport and logistics services. The exhibition is an opportunity to showcase the latest developments in transportation technology, get acquainted with promising public infrastructure projects, establish sales channels for  railway products, commercial vehicles and ship building, meet with the representatives of ports and logistics centres, as well as an effective way to promote transportation and logistics services in the Caspian and South Caucasus regions.


Facts and figures from 2016

Number of exhibitors: 75 companies (including exhibitors at Road & Traffic 2016)

Among the exhibitors in 2016: State Azerbaijan Railways, Alstom Transport, Arcelormittal Europe, Autolift, Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company, AVP Technology, Gomel Electromechanical Plant, GAZ Group, Svevala, Azlogistics Managment Services,  ADY Express, Baku International Trade Sea Port, Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association, Transmashholding  and others.


Number of visitors: 2007 visitors from 32 countries (including visitors of Road & Traffic 2016)



  • Road transportation;
  • Air transportation;
  • Marine transportation;
  • Rail transportation;
  • General cargo / Break Bulk cargo;
  • Cold Chain transportations / Logistics;
  • Transportation of wheeled vehicles - Roll-on / roll-off (RoRo) shipping;
  • Multimodal transportation;
  • Freight forwarding;
  • Associations, NGOs, committees;
  • Logistics in the field of waste management;
  • Customs services;
  • Express delivery;
  • Transportation of crude oil and oil products;
  • Intra-logistics - Storage systems, cargo lifting and handling equipment, information systems and warehouse automation devices, RFID technologies, equipment for packaging and order picking;
  • Logistics centres, TSW;
  • Courier and express delivery;
  • Relocation services.


  • State Railways;
  • Locomotives – steam locomotives, electric locomotives, diesel locomotives;
  • Passenger cars;
  • Freight wagons - railcars, dump cars, hoppers, platforms, autorack cars;
  • Component parts - brake equipment, electrical equipment, air conditioning and heating, industrial rubber goods, wheel sets, engines, frames;
  • Interior - seats, driver panel, flooring, toilets and water systems, furniture, catering, lighting;
  • Electrification and energy supply - equipment, transformers, contact network devices, automation systems, distribution equipment, control and telemechanics systems;
  • Upper railway structure - rails, sleepers, turnouts;
  • Design and construction of railway lines and railway stations, tunnel construction;
  • Equipment for construction and laying of tracks, railcars and gasoline locomotives;
  • Snow removal and track cleansing vehicles, chemical and technical means;
  • Systems for loading and unloading operations;
  • Equipment for weighing.


  • Marine administrations, the shipping companies;
  • Maritime organizations;
  • Sea and river ports;
  • Port equipment, harbour cranes, port security systems;
  • Port operators;
  • Design, construction and reconstruction of sea and river ports, cargo and passenger terminals;
  • Marine logistics centres;
  • Shipbuilding, repair, shipyards;
  • Vessels and equipment for rescue and disaster and accident relief ;
  • Production of marine fuels and oils;
  • Ship equipment;
  • Environmentally sound technologies in the maritime industry;
  • Water public transport - water taxi, pleasure boats, small boats;
  • Geophysical technologies and equipment;
  • Hydrometeorology;
  • Hydrography, depth monitoring systems;
  • Radar and navigation systems;


  • Airlines companies, aviation organizations;
  • Manufacture and sale of aircrafts – airplanes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • Spare parts and assemblies for aircrafts, engines, interior;
  • Aircraft maintenance;
  • Airports - construction, consulting and design, means for labelling and marking landing / take off strips, lighting systems;
  • Equipment for airports - cargo and luggage processing systems, furniture, escalators, walkways, sound equipment, passenger information systems, video surveillance systems, firefighting technologies, scanners;
  • Fuels and lubricants, fuel filling facilities;
  • Avionics - Communication navigation, display systems, flight control systems (FCS), meteorological observation systems;
  • Simulation facilities, training centres;
  • Catering;
  • Operators of cargo terminals, air cargo carriers;
  • Air ambulances;
  • Aircraft modelling.


  • Haulage trucks
  • Vans – consumer goods, insulated, metal, passenger
  • Minibuses, vans and minivans
  • Medical and sanitary vehicles
  • Recovery trucks, car transporters
  • Fork lift trucks, reach stackers, lifting equipment
  • Hire vehicles, cash-in-transit vehicles
  • Trailers and two-wheeled trailers
  • Municipal vehicles – rubbish trucks, road sweepers, snow ploughs and vacuum machines
  • Containers, open-top container trucks
  • Components and spare parts
  • Lubricants
  • Tires, wheels
  • Servicing and repair equipment
  • Garages


Official Support


National Confederation of The Entrepreneurs (Employers) Organizations of Azerbaijan Republic (AEC)


Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation

Coordinating Council of The Republic of Azerbaijan on Transit Freight


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