16th Caspian International Transport, Transit and Logistics Exhibition

26 - 28 April 2017 • Baku Expo Center

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  • Road transportation;
  • Air transportation;
  • Marine transportation;
  • Rail transportation;
  • General cargo / Break Bulk cargo;
  • Cold Chain transportations / Logistics;
  • Transportation of wheeled vehicles - Roll-on / roll-off (RoRo) shipping;
  • Multimodal transportation;
  • Freight forwarding;
  • Associations, NGOs, committees;
  • Logistics in the field of waste management;
  • Customs services;
  • Express delivery;
  • Transportation of crude oil and oil products;
  • Intra-logistics - Storage systems, cargo lifting and handling equipment, information systems and warehouse automation devices, RFID technologies, equipment for packaging and order picking;
  • Logistics centres, TSW;
  • Courier and express delivery;
  • Relocation services.


  • State Railways;
  • Locomotives – steam locomotives, electric locomotives, diesel locomotives;
  • Passenger cars;
  • Freight wagons - railcars, dump cars, hoppers, platforms, autorack cars;
  • Component parts - brake equipment, electrical equipment, air conditioning and heating, industrial rubber goods, wheel sets, engines, frames;
  • Interior - seats, driver panel, flooring, toilets and water systems, furniture, catering, lighting;
  • Electrification and energy supply - equipment, transformers, contact network devices, automation systems, distribution equipment, control and telemechanics systems;
  • Upper railway structure - rails, sleepers, turnouts;
  • Design and construction of railway lines and railway stations, tunnel construction;
  • Equipment for construction and laying of tracks, railcars and gasoline locomotives;
  • Snow removal and track cleansing vehicles, chemical and technical means;
  • Systems for loading and unloading operations;
  • Equipment for weighing.


  • Marine administrations, the shipping companies;
  • Maritime organizations;
  • Sea and river ports;
  • Port equipment, harbour cranes, port security systems;
  • Port operators;
  • Design, construction and reconstruction of sea and river ports, cargo and passenger terminals;
  • Marine logistics centres;
  • Shipbuilding, repair, shipyards;
  • Vessels and equipment for rescue and disaster and accident relief ;
  • Production of marine fuels and oils;
  • Ship equipment;
  • Environmentally sound technologies in the maritime industry;
  • Water public transport - water taxi, pleasure boats, small boats;
  • Geophysical technologies and equipment;
  • Hydrometeorology;
  • Hydrography, depth monitoring systems;
  • Radar and navigation systems;


  • Airlines companies, aviation organizations;
  • Manufacture and sale of aircrafts – airplanes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • Spare parts and assemblies for aircrafts, engines, interior;
  • Aircraft maintenance;
  • Airports - construction, consulting and design, means for labelling and marking landing / take off strips, lighting systems;
  • Equipment for airports - cargo and luggage processing systems, furniture, escalators, walkways, sound equipment, passenger information systems, video surveillance systems, firefighting technologies, scanners;
  • Fuels and lubricants, fuel filling facilities;
  • Avionics - Communication navigation, display systems, flight control systems (FCS), meteorological observation systems;
  • Simulation facilities, training centres;
  • Catering;
  • Operators of cargo terminals, air cargo carriers;
  • Air ambulances;
  • Aircraft modelling.


  • Haulage trucks
  • Vans – consumer goods, insulated, metal, passenger
  • Minibuses, vans and minivans
  • Medical and sanitary vehicles
  • Recovery trucks, car transporters
  • Fork lift trucks, reach stackers, lifting equipment
  • Hire vehicles, cash-in-transit vehicles
  • Trailers and two-wheeled trailers
  • Municipal vehicles – rubbish trucks, road sweepers, snow ploughs and vacuum machines
  • Containers, open-top container trucks
  • Components and spare parts
  • Lubricants
  • Tires, wheels
  • Servicing and repair equipment
  • Garages


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